Jesse McPherson
  • @imcfearsome
Apparently I’m a Geriatric Millennial, and despite my resistance to the moniker it’s inarguably accurate.  I didn’t touch a computer until I was in 10th grade, but boy when I did everything just made sense. 

I watched the internet we have today form in real-time. I can still remember the ascension of Ajax and wrote layouts with tables. I was creating responsive sites before it had the name. I knew what I would spend my life doing before I graduated high school and I guess I was right bc here I am still doing it. 

I used to say I was self taught but that’s not really true, I was taught by all the awesome devs I’ve met along the way and learned lessons the hard way. You remember to not repeat the mistakes that cost an employer or client a 6 figure sum.

I’m 20 years deep and I still feel the same passion and excitement I did back then, the languages and domain might change, but as long as there’s problems to be solved, I’m gonna try to get paid to solve them 😂
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